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My name is Ryan Hardison and this is The Spot! I am a Journalism student at San Diego State University and an aspiring writer. The intention of this blog is for me to expand my writing portfolio while writing about the thing I love most: music. Here's some of the different sections I'll be operating on this site:

A Quest for the Perfect Song (A.Q.F.T.P.S.): The goal of this series is find absolute perfection in musical form. My quest takes me across cultures and continents in the pursuit of the greatest songs ever made.

My Musical Love Letter: This is just a working title but the intention of this section is to show my appreciation for a certain musical artist, region or genre.

Reviews: I'm going to take a look at some of my all-time favorite albums and songs with a combination of shorts posts and long narrative articles. I'll try to review lots of new music as well.

Concert Log: A combination of the videos I've taken from concerts I've attended since 2017, along with a list of concerts I've attended. Though there are no in-person concerts happening currently, I hope that they will resume sometime in the near future when things are safe again!

Satire: I hope to start writing some satire pieces really soon!

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!

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