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Updated: Jul 12, 2020

After a year full of guest appearances on basically every major rap album released, Gunna returns with "Wunna," his first solo project since last February. Overall, Gunna sounds more focused than on his previous album, "Drip or Drown 3," and "Wunna" is full of outstanding songs.

The album's standout track is "DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD," one of two collaborations on the project with Gunna's friend and mentor Young Thug. The song had been teased on Young Thug's Instagram since March 2019 and was one of the most highly anticipated leaks for either artist prior to its release.

What makes this song truly memorable is the effortless rhythm that both rappers exhibit over Mike WiLL Made-It's flawless beat. Both of the Atlanta rappers traded great verses, but I think Gunna's verse about his extravagantly rich lifestyle living in LA, dating models, and shopping at Neiman Marcus was the highlight of the song.

Talking about his lavish behavior and exploits is Gunna's bread and butter, so it's no surprise he'd make an interesting song about taking his trip mall. Plus Gunna's flow and rhythm is as smooth as ever, making it almost impossible not to rap the song's catchy chorus verbatim.

Once Thugger showed up, he gave Gunna a run for his money with some melodic rhyming and flow switches throughout his verse. On this track, the two friends pairing off works like a charm due to their insanely contagious chemistry. This sense of familiarity truly takes the song to the next level and makes it the best track on the album.

By the time you listen to this song once, it'll be stuck in your head for a week and you'll want to dance every time it pops up in your head.

FAVORITE LINE: "We was used to pullin' kick doors, you could still call it a lick (Lick) /

You broke and can't be fixed (Nah), went to Niemans and spent a nick (Hah)"

To fans of Gunna and Young Thug, it's no surprise that this team-up would be successful. Since Gunna's emergence in the music industry, they've collaborated on over 15 songs together, and "DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD" is definitely one of their greatest yet.

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