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A Quest for the Perfect Song Vol. 1

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Volume I: "América Latina" - José Augusto (1976)

Region: Brazil

Year: 1976

I have never stumbled across a song more captivating than "America Latina" by Brazilian singer José Augusto.

"America Latina" is Augusto's love letter to Latin America and a song that exudes romance. In a fitting tribute to his homeland, Augusto serenades the tune in beautiful Portuguese, the native tongue of Brazil.

The song's beginning is subtle with Augusto's gentle voice holding each note to match the strumming of the guitar. His singing is barely above a whisper, but it progressively gets louder with each residing verse.

Once the song reaches its chorus, the string production grows louder to an emphatic level. Combined with triumphant horns and a pleasing guitar melody, this hypnotic production takes the song to the next level.

At the song's climax, a choir of enchanting female voices begin singing the chorus. Their surprise appearance makes the singers sound like angels descending from the sky.

One thing that makes the song stand out is Augusto's extraordinary singing. His delivery is smooth and sentimental, which shines when paired with the glorious instrumental. Latin American pride exudes from the song and makes it a truly patriotic anthem.

"America Latina" evokes so much emotion that it can make people who've never journeyed to Latin America reminisce about the region's beauty. It's a lovely tribute and an emotional ballad that can connect to all audiences regardless of language and culture.

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